Humboldt Logging Inc.

A Professional Logging Company

Custom Harvesting of Timber

Humboldt logging is a professional small family run business with more than 30 years of experience in the timber industry. Humboldt logging works with many landowners for timber management improving fire suppression, and profit for the landowners. Humboldt logging specializes in harvesting on difficult ground that no other loggers can harvest on, which puts more profit in the landowners pocket.

Humboldt logging has many specialty markets to work with for maximizing profit for landowners looking to manage timber. Contact us anytime for any questions you might have on your management concerns. We will come to you and assess your property and give you an estimate on your timber value and answer any questions you might have and hopefully give you ideas on how to properly manage your land free of charge...

Humboldt Logging Services Include...

  • Harvest to suit landowner objectives.
    • Target a specific tree or tree species that is bug infested, or going to be bug infested, or target trees that pose a safety issue, or target trees for a specific market for profit for landowner.
  • Insect and disease mitigation and prevention.
    • Prevent trees from getting infested with bugs or get rid of already bug infested trees.
  • Fire hazard reduction.
    • Establish a management plan to remove certain trees that pose a fire hazard and reduce forest fire prevention.
  • Forest health improvement.
    • Discuss what needs to be done to manage your forest to keep it healthy for years to come.
  • Top dollar paid for harvested material.
    • Humboldt Logging has several specific markets that pay top dollar for a variety of materials.
  • Excavation, dirt work and road building.
    • Humboldt Logging will build any road needed to access a landowners property for any purpose, that includes culvert and bridge installation.

Please call Andy Anderson for a price quote and a description of what Humboldt Logging, Inc. can do to help with your forest land management objectives.